Ultra Digestive Enzyme
Ultra Digestive Enzyme
Ultra Digestive Enzyme

Ultra Digestive Enzyme

Boost Metabolism With Energy Producing Enzymes
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  • Great support for occasional digestive discomfort
  • Reduced food intolerances
  • Helps maximize metabolism and energy production
  • Support for individuals with sensitive digestive systems
  • Provides nutritional support during pregnancy and lactation

Dozens of factors could be preventing you from having optimal digestion, especially during the holidays ...

Give your gut the support it needs with a unique blend of highly active digestive enzymes designed to handle all food preferences.*

Promote Nutrient Availability and Absorption - Give your gut a fighting chance against the external factors working against it. Get more of the nutritional benefits out of the foods and fuel that you put into your body.

Health and Vitality of Cells - Healthy food choices are a great start to promoting health, but that's just the first step. To benefit from all the nutritious components of our food, a healthy digestive system is a must have for your body.*

Improved Overall Digestive Health - Optimal digestion depends on effective digestive enzymes. Our unique blend of proteolytic, lipolytic, and polysaccharolytic enzymes are highly active and include a broad range of specificities to handle all food preferences.*

Take 1 capsule daily, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.

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