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DNA Holds The Key To Reclaiming Your Health

Would you make changes in your life if you knew your genetic tendencies?

If you had an accurate blueprint of your potential for food intolerances, vitamin and mineral needs, digestive issues, weight management, cardio health, strength building and endurance?

We now offer two certified nutrigenomic DNA test options to help answer those questions and much more.

Start managing your health smarter today with our Food & Nutrition test or our more comprehensive Nutrition + Metabolism + Fitness. Each takes just minutes and you'll receive dozens of pages of expert recommendations guided by a deep understanding of how your body uniquely functions.


DNA Essentials

Learn how your body processes certain foods, how it may be intolerant of others, and where you might be at risk due to your genetics. Knowledge is the first step toward effective, proactive wellness.

DNA Essentials Plus

Wellness extends beyond nutrition. Learn how 180 genes impact your metabolism, immune support, long-term health, physical endurance & recovery. Our Plus test is your best choice for comprehensive self-care.

Expert Recommendations

Our personalized reports are created by wellness experts following the latest peer-reviewed science. Share your report with a healthcare provider or wellness coach to review your recommendations.

HIPAA Compliant Data

All personal information is secure, encrypted, and is not accessible to anyone but yourself. We don't sell or share your information and all DNA samples are destroyed following completion of lab results.

CLIA Certified Labs

Pure Essentials only partners with certified labs that test in adherence to requirements under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988 (CLIA) regulations.

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*Unlike many popular DNA tests, we keep your personal information encrypted and entirely confidential. Who you share it with or consult with is solely up to you. A DNA test does not diagnose or treat disease. However, the recommendations have helped thousands of people improve their health with many reporting significant improvements in certain conditions.