Pure Quality

Maximum potency. No compromise.

Your Wellness Is Our Passion

Our mission is to reclaim health for humanity through products and services that are science-based, simple to use, and life changing. We do this by providing vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients in the highest quality forms available. The integrity and efficacy of our products is paramount - using ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients in unique and novel delivery systems that promote your body’s natural healing ability.

The Pure Essentials Story

Pure Essentials was founded by renowned integrative physician Richard Ash, M.D., as the culmination of his personal healing journey. As he once said, "I got sick myself and had no choice but to create my own path forward. Conventional methods were no longer working for me, and I needed a solution." To reverse his inflammatory arthritis, he changed his diet, now based on his body's specific needs, and adopted the outlook of food as medicine.

Pure Essentials is the therapeutic-grade supplement line that reflects the pillars of health and wellness that Dr. Ash taught and promoted to thousands of people over the years. We are excited and honored to continue his legacy: to reclaim health for humanity.


Thoughtfully formulating our supplements with the consumer’s best interest at our core.


To be transparent in labeling our products and lead where others only follow.


For the world we live in. We are on a mission to reclaim health for humanity.


Only using organic, non-GMO, ethically and sustainably harvested ingredients.


Full transparency, no hidden ingredients or trickery in our product descriptions.

Science Based

Formulations and education rooted in current science.


We do what we say by being true to our word, product and mission.