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An antioxidant to boost the body's natural healing response.

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While others in the supplement industry cut corners to offer a cheaper product, we've developed something better. C Buffered Powder uses only preferred forms of ascorbate ingredients so that potency and absorption are maximized for your benefit.

How much vitamin C do I need daily?

The best C comes naturally from fresh fruits and vegetables. However, studies have shown that many people don't get enough vitamin C in their diet.

Not nearly enough!

How much vitamin C you need daily is determined through a simple 3-step process called ascorbate calibration.


The Pure Essentials brand of vitamin C powder is unparalleled for its quick delivery into the body systems. Difference is noticeable in days. Client for life.


I love this product. It has all of the ingredients that I find necessary for a healthy life.

New Jersey

Buffered C, and other products that I have purchased from you, have made my quality of life better...eased some of my symptoms from autoimmune diseases I'm fighting.


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Do you seem to catch every cold? Sometimes feel fatigued? Or maybe work in a stressful environment? Learn more about vitamin C deficiency & how to determine your unique daily needs.