Spring Break Part 1: Tips For Discovering Joy & Navigating Stress

Spring Break Part 1: Tips For Discovering Joy & Navigating Stress

Imagine you on a nice vacation. Lounging on a sunny beach, exploring a new city, or enjoying the peace of a mountain retreat. It’s your ticket to relaxation, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

It’s spring break season around the country. Young people are taking a break from school. The adults are stepping away from their normal routine, taking some PTO from work, and perhaps, enjoying some time away from their young people.

Vacation is good for both body and mind.

Our brains are like a computer operating system working non-stop. Time away from our normal routine - even if it’s just a staycation - is like the ultimate reboot button. Vacation can help clear out the mental junk, making room for new ideas and creativity. It's like magic for your imagination!

Now, let’s not forget about those muscles and bones. Sitting at a desk or in class all day can turn us into statues. We need to get up a move more and Vacation is the ultimate dance party for your body! Whether you're hiking up a mountain or building sandcastles, your muscles get to stretch and flex, and your bones are like, "Thank you for the love!".

Other jobs are rigorous or repetitive, and we can benefit from taking a break. Time to kick back with feet up and let the body recharge.

Vacation time can also be a laughter festival. Something as simple as having a little fun and joy is like medicine for your mood, making you feel as happy as a puppy at playtime!

A break isn't just a break. It's a turbo-boost for your brain, a workout for your body, or rest if that’s what you need most, and a prescription for happiness all rolled into one awesome adventure!

“Rest and relaxation,” they said.

What about when things don’t quite go as planned?

Travel delays. Lost reservations. Long lines of people losing their patience over sometimes the most trivial things. Uncooperative travel partners. Or one of our least favorites…lousy pillows in the hotel room.

Every now and then rejuvenation turns into more of a slapstick comedy, stumbling from one mishap to another, much like the unforgettable trips of Clark Griswold in ‘National Lampoon’s Vacation’. What starts as a dream vacation can quickly take a turn, leaving you to navigate through a series of unplanned events.

Understanding Vacation Anxiety

Getting anxious during what is supposed to be a relaxing break is really common.

Vacation stress can emerge from worrying about how much you’re spending, from the pressure you feel to have the perfect trip, or even from the fear that something might go wrong. It’s important to know that you’re not alone if you feel this way.

Identifying these feelings is the first step to making sure they don’t take over your vacation. 

Strategies To Alleviate Stress

You can try to prevent these stressors from turning your dream vacation into a nightmare with a few simple tips.

#1 - Plan, But Not Too Much

It’s smart to have a plan. Knowing where you’re going, where you’ll stay, and what you’ll do can alleviate a lot of stress. Just remember, part of the fun of a vacation is the exciting potential of unexpected adventures. Leave some room for spontaneity!

#2 - Set A Budget

Money worries are a bigtime stress trigger. Before you go, figure out how much you can afford to spend. Budget for the big expenses, like flights and hotels, and daily spending. This way, you won’t be stressing about every penny you spend. Try to reserve some miscellaneous funds for unexpected opportunities to have fun, pamper yourself, or take a spontaneous excursion.

#3 - Pack Early & Use A Checklist

Rushing to pack at the last minute can start your vacation off on a stressful note. Start packing a few days in advance and use a checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything important. Especially with air travel, give yourself extra time so that getting from point A to point B doesn’t become an ordeal.

#4 - It’s Okay To Take It Slow

Remember, you’re on vacation to relax and unwind, not win a race. (Unless your vacation is running a half-marathon. In that case, go go go!). It’s okay if you don’t see or do everything. Sometimes the best memories come from the days you decided to do nothing at all.

Be Flexible & Have An Open Mind

Planning is never a bad idea, but being flexible can be equally uplifting. Give yourself space to go wherever the wind takes you, or to go nowhere at all, if that’s what feels right at the moment. Traveling with a group? It’s okay to bow out of some activities. Listen to your body and what it needs most. Excitement to the point of exhaustion might leave you feeling like you need a vacation from your vacation.

Finding that sweet spot where there's balance between excitement and rest can lead to the best memories. “Remember that day in Hawaii when we did nothing but sit by the pool and sip cool drinks in the sun? That was the best!”

Did You Know?

Here's one last fun fact to get you excited about planning your next vacation. Did you know that just planning a vacation can boost your mood up to two months before you even leave! It’s the powerful, positive energy created by dreaming of what could be and the anticipation of making it happen.

With a little  planning and an open mind for spontaneity, you can create a vacation that's not just relaxing but truly memorable. Could there be a few bumps along the way? Sure, you can’t control every possible detail. Try to remember, the goal is to make memories that'll have you smiling long after you've unpacked – to recharge and renew in all the ways.

It’s spring break! Let's embrace the excitement of anticipation, prepare ourselves with a solid plan, and stay open to the adventures that await. Or, let’s leave the excitement to someone else and revel in some much needed peace, quiet, and rest.

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