A tired middle-aged man yawning at his desk, illustrating the fatigue that magnesium supplements can help alleviate.

Are You Deficient? Focus On Magnesium: Part 1

Note: This is the first in a 5-part series about magnesium, its many potential benefits, and Pure Essentials’ advanced 4-in-1 daily supplement.

Feeling Fatigued? Stressed? Not Getting Good Sleep?

Ever wonder why you could lay in bed for an hour before falling asleep, trying to find the perfect spot between a pillow and a cold place, just to have a foot cramp slowly settle in at the worst time.

Or you noticed your restless leg during the weekly team meetings and an increase in anxiety and stress that lingers for too long. Or the times your body seems to have become immune to the coffee that’s been autonomously refilled throughout the day.

Think about how you feel each day. Are you stressed or anxious? Are low energy and fatigue a recurring theme?

You might just be short on magnesium.

This important mineral keeps our energy up, our muscles relaxed, and helps keep our hearts healthy. That’s the good news. The not so good news is that many of us aren’t getting enough magnesium.

You can thank the modern American diet, which for many people is more about convenience and less about beneficial nutrients. Deficiency in magnesium may be more common than you think.

Which Magnesium Does Your Body Need?

With so many types out there – carbonate, oxide, sulfate, citrate glycinatemalateascorbate – picking the right one can feel like a wild guess. Or at best, choosing one means you may not be optimally addressing issues that another form is more ideal for.

Who has the time or energy for that? It’s frustrating, we get it.

The Power of Four: How a Multi-Form Magnesium Supplement Works Harder for Your Health

Breathe easy, because we’ve got some news that’ll make your day.

Imagine if you could get all the magnesium your body craves in the most effective forms, all packed into one simple supplement.

You can. We recently developed Pure Essentials Ultra Magnesium to combine not one, not two, but four preferred forms of magnesium. Those who take our magnesium daily are not just getting a boost of this vital nutrient but rather a full-spectrum support system for the body.

In parts 2 through 5 of this series, we’ll walk you through each of the magnesium forms in our Ultra Magnesium supplement – the potential benefits of each and how it’s superior to other, potentially less effective forms.

Why four forms?

Each form of magnesium has its own unique benefits.

One is great for your muscles and can help prevent cramps. Another excels at helping you fall asleep and stay asleep. Yet another can  help boost your mood and potentially offset stress or anxiety.

Put them all together and you have a powerhouse that keeps you running smoothly, without any of the guesswork or hassle.

Plus, our formula delivers these preferred magnesium forms at therapeutic doses, which is just a fancy way of saying they’re exactly what your body needs – nothing more, nothing less.

That’s the beauty of a complex, 4-in-1 magnesium solution. You don’t need a cabinet full of different magnesium types. Just one that covers all the bases.

Is It Low Magnesium?

Insomnia, stress, fatigue, mood swings? Your body may be telling you something. Click below to take our 3-minute quiz. Let's find out if daily magnesium may be right for you!

Introducing A New, More Potent Ultra Magnesium

Magnesium deficiency is really common.

45% of adults may not get enough in their diet.

Magnesium contributes to hundreds of body & brain functions.

And it comes in many forms -- some better than others.

Each of us process magnesium a little differently. So taking only one form, even if it hits the recommended daily allowance, may not give you the help you're looking for. Our 4-in-1 complex formula removes the guess work.

Ultra Magnesium is potent. No unnecessary fillers or additives, just four preferred magnesium forms in one daily supplement.