The DAO Gene & Allergic Reactions

The following is part of our informational series that clarifies some of what you'll learn about your nutritional genetics after you've submitted your DNA Essentials Plus test.

Histamine is not the enemy!


Our bodies need histamine. But when we have too much, that can cause our immune system to overreact. When the immune system overreacts, that can lead to outcomes ranging from mild allergic symptoms to more serious autoimmune conditions.

Histamine breakdown is necessary for proper histamine control and balance. Your DAO gene is largely responsible for your body's ability to break down histamine.

Here's the good news... Your DNA Essentials Plus report will tell you if you are or are not genetically predisposed to reduced DAO enzyme activity.

The DAO gene produces an enzyme called DAO that is responsible for breaking down dietary histamine and histamine outside of your cells. It requires adequate levels of copper and can be inactivated by certain drugs and curcumin.

The role of the DAO enzyme.

The DAO enzyme is found in almost all the organs but is found in the largest quantities in the small intestine, kidneys, colon, and prostate. This enzyme processes an important compound called histamine. Histamine is totally natural. It is a chemical that is released in your body during an allergic or an inflammatory response.

Some foods contain histamine. Foods like aged cheeses, fermented foods, cured meats, even alcohol. Some gut bacteria and strains of beneficial probiotics like lactobacillus also produce histamine.

Remember, your DNA report won't necessarily tell you which foods you may be allergic to, if any. It will tell you if you are wired for reduced DAO activity. With that knowledge in hand, you'll be able to take well-informed steps toward addressing potential allergies, the first being leaving high-histamine food off the grocery list.