DNA Essentials Plus: What You'll Learn

DNA Essentials Plus: What You'll Learn

Alright! Let's get straight to the point. Have you ever wondered why that one-size-fits-all diet plan or workout regimen just doesn't seem to work for you the way it does for your friend? 

The answer could be in your DNA.

Yes, you read that right—your DNA. Nutritional genetics tests have been gaining notoriety, and can give you insights into your own body that you probably never knew you needed: our DNA Essentials Plus Food, Metabolism & Fitness Genetics Self-Test Kit provides a 30+ page report, uniquely tailored to your health needs with a simple cheek swab.

A Quick And Easy Cheek Swab

First off, this kit is all about simplicity. You don't need to be a scientist to use it. It's a straightforward, do-it-at-home kind of deal. You get everything you need in the box to collect a DNA sample (a 30 second cheek swab—no needles, we promise!) and send it off to the lab.

And don't worry, all the instructions are super clear and easy to follow. Just register your vial before sending off your sample, and wait up to 6 weeks for the results to hit your email.

Get to Know Your Body

Now, you might be thinking, "Okay, but what's so great about sending my cheek swab to a lab?"

Well, this is where the magic happens. The lab analyzes your DNA and gives you a report that's all about you. It's like having a user manual for your body.

This report covers how your body handles different foods, what kind of diet might work best for you, how your metabolism works, and what types of exercise could be the most effective. It's not just a bunch of generic advice, it's personalized based on your DNA. That thing that makes you uniquely you!

A Tailored Approach to Health: Your Body, Your Needs

Here's the real cherry on top: having this information can change your health and fitness journey for the rest of your life. 

Ever wonder why you don't lose weight as quickly as your buddy even though you're eating the same amount of calories?

Genetics may play a huge role in that. With the insights from this kit, you can tailor your diet to what suits your body best. No more guessing games.

Plus, when it comes to working out, you'll discover what kinds of exercise your body responds to best. Maybe you're built for endurance sports like running or cycling, or perhaps high-intensity interval training is your golden ticket. Let's work smarter, not harder.

And let's also not forget about the food aspect. It's about feeling your best, not just losing weight for the sake of scale. By understanding how your body metabolizes different foods, you can make choices that boost your energy levels and overall well-being.

Your DNA, for the most part, does not change. Making this one investment for your health can benefit you for decades to come. Less doctor visits, deeper understanding of your body and its needs, and a tailored approach to your lifestyle.

Precision Nutrition

Imagine walking down the supplement aisle and knowing exactly which bottles to grab. Not because you read about them in a magazine, but because your body told you.

This DNA test doesn’t stop at diet and exercise, it goes a step further by providing insights into which vitamins, minerals, and other supplements can best support your genetic makeup.

Why It Matters

Each of us absorbs and utilizes nutrients differently. While one person might be getting enough vitamin D from their diet and sunlight, another might be lacking due to genetic factors. This is where the power of knowing comes into play, with a personal approach to supplement intake, we know where to put our focus and more importantly where not to.

So, Why Not Give It a Try?

Listen, I get it. There are a zillion health fads out there, and it can be tough to know what's actually worth your time and money. But this isn't just another trend. It's about understanding the unique needs of your body and making informed decisions that can lead to real, lasting changes.

Your Privacy is Super-Safe

If there's any worry about someone else peeking at your health report

Don’t be.

We at Pure Essentials are HIPAA compliant keeping your information safe and secure. That’s why we stress the importance of registering your vial. It is the ONLY way for us to look up the status of your report.

It's an investment in yourself, and who knows? It might just be the thing that helps you break through those frustrating plateaus and get on the path to feeling like the best version of yourself.

You've got nothing to lose (except maybe a few of those stubborn pounds) and a whole lot of insights to gain. Let's make those workouts count and turn the food and vitamins we eat into our friend, not foe.


DNA Essentials Plus

An at-home test evaluates your dietary needs, metabolism, and overall health tendencies or risks based on your DNA.