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Iron Plus

Iron Plus

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Although iron deficiency is a common cause of anemia, it is certainly not the only cause. Deficiencies in vitamin B-6, vitamin B-12, vitamin C, copper, and folic acid lead to reduced numbers of red blood cells and can result in anemia. Pure Essentials Ultra Iron Plus is not just an iron formula, but a comprehensive anemia formula that delivers all of the essential nutrients for maintaining healthy red blood cells.* 

The majority of iron formulas contain only iron (usually in a poorly absorbable, oxidized, or constipating form). Some formulas boast of having iron combined with vitamin C. Most overlook the other nutrient deficiencies that are responsible for anemia. Because these kinds of formulas don’t address the true underlying problem, they fail. Broad spectrum Pure Essentials Ultra Iron Plus achieves effective results fast, eliminating trial and error by supplying blood building transport and activating nutrients that address all types of anemia.*



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