Is It Low Magnesium?

Insomnia, anxiety, low energy, and headaches are just few of the signs. Take this 3-minute quiz to learn if daily magnesium might be right for you...and get 50% off plus free shipping on your first purchase!

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Introducing A New, More Potent Ultra Magnesium

Magnesium deficiency is really common.

45% of adults may not get enough in their diet.

Magnesium contributes to hundreds of body & brain functions.

And it comes in many forms -- some better than others.

Each of us process magnesium a little differently. So taking only one form, even if it hits the recommended daily allowance, may not give you the help you're looking for. Our 4-in-1 complex formula removes the guess work.

Ultra Magnesium is potent. No unnecessary fillers or additives, just four preferred magnesium forms in one daily supplement.


Excellent quality, real benefits. Adding a capsule works to relieve cramps in a short time.

Helene C.

I wish I had started taking this sooner. No more restless nights which in turn has improved my quality of life!

Jennifer L.

I began taking it a couple months ago hoping to boost my energy. Ultra Magnesium has definitely done that.

Jeremy C.

Take this 3-minute quiz!

Take this quiz to find out if daily magnesium might be right for you. Insomnia, stress, anxiety, and low energy are just few of the signs.