C Buffered Capsules
C Buffered Capsules
C Buffered Capsules

C Buffered Capsules

Advanced Vitamin C In A Gentle, Easily Absorbed Capsule Form
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  • 1,017mg of vitamin C l-ascorbate per serving in an easy-to-swallow capsule form.
  • Calcium and magnesium included as buffering minerals to ensure gentle digestion, and to promote optimal absorption and retention in the body.
  • Delivers the many proven benefits associated with an advanced vitamin C formula. With buffering minerals to be gentle on your stomach while highly bioavailable to maximize effectiveness.
  • Fully transparent ingredient list. Nothing is hidden.

Serves as a powerful antioxidant: Neutralizes harmful reactive oxygen and nitrogen species, protecting cells from oxidative damage and preventing lipid peroxidation.

Supports a healthy immune system: Enhances white blood cell function, promotes T-cell proliferation, and reduces allergic reactions and inflammation.

  • Crucial for natural detoxification: Safeguards cells, tissues, and organs from environmental pollutants and toxins, including toxic metals like arsenic, lead, and cadmium.

    Improves iron absorption: Enhances the availability and uptake of plant-based iron, making it especially beneficial for vegetarians and vegans whose diets may be iron deficient.

    Supports connective tissue and vascular integrity: Promotes collagen biosynthesis, aids in wound healing, and contributes to brain health and heart disease prevention.

  • Vitamin C plays a crucial role in supporting a balanced oxidative stress response, promoting healthy immune function, and reducing inflammation. It also supports gene expression, stem cell function, and the synthesis of important neurotransmitters. Additionally, it aids in the recycling of other antioxidants, enhances iron absorption, and helps protect cells during detoxification processes.

    Pure Essentials' C Buffered supplement has a non-acidic composition making it ideal for individuals who are sensitive to regular ascorbic acid. It provides a gentle and easily digestible form of vitamin C, making it suitable for those with sensitive stomachs. Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin that cannot be stored in the body and thus needs daily replenishment. This supplement is beneficial for individuals looking for everyday antioxidant support and maintenance of healthy immune function.

    As a dietary supplement, take 2 capsules once a day or as directed by a health care practitioner.

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    Pure Quality

    Natural Over Synthetic

    What's the point of taking a supplement with all the right nutrients only to find it's loaded with low-quality inactive ingredients? We never use more inactive ingredients than are required to support a product's effective delivery of what's good for your body. C Buffered Capsules includes organic bamboo stem and leaf as a natural, non-GMO alternative to the common fillers. We prefer natural and think you do too.

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