Bamboo In My Magnesium?

Bamboo In My Magnesium?

Ever wonder why some supplements don’t make you feel as good as they claim?

You saw it on TV! You saw it promoted by an influencer on TikTok and she said it was great! It’s on the shelf at your local healthy foods store, so it must be high quality! 

Truth is, many supplements by brand names you’d recognize are formulated with synthetic fillers and/or binders that don’t do your body, or the planet, any favors. We said what we said…no, the usual suspects on the store shelves are often not as clean as you’d hope, or as they say.

Why are fillers used in supplement manufacturing?

Fillers are inactive ingredients which, in many cases, are necessary. They can help stabilize or preserve the product or ensure the product goes smoothly and safely through a manufacturing process. Sometimes fillers are used to ensure a tablet or capsule is large enough to easily handle.

Some fillers may help make sure your body gets the full amount of the nutrients, so nothing goes to waste. Others can help keep the potent active ingredients evenly distributed, so that every dose you take is consistent.

The issue at hand isn’t that fillers are used so much as WHICH fillers are used.

Here’s one example.

Many magnesium supplements use magnesium stearate as a filler. The stearate form is what’s called a “flow agent”, meaning it helps keep the supplement capsules from sticking in the machines during manufacturing. While magnesium stearate can be made from plant or vegetable oils, it’s often derived from animal fats.

The kicker is, even if the label says magnesium stearate, how do you know what the source is? Most brands won’t specify. If you’re vegan or follow strict religious practices, could that be a concern? And get this, magnesium stearate has been linked to muscle weakness and impairment of neuromuscular transmissions in the brain.

What if there was a way to produce a potent, effective magnesium supplement that isn’t synthetic, isn’t potentially harmful, and isn’t harvested or manufactured in ways that are damaging to the world around us?

Spoiler alert. There is!

Bamboo to the rescue.

Using inactive ingredients that are well-studied, proven safe, and sustainably harvested isn’t the easy way. It’s not the cheap way. But it is the Pure Essentials way. That’s one of the key differences between taking a supplement that’s clinician formulated versus a product developed by marketers to make big bucks in the mass market.

Enter bamboo, one of nature’s secrets against low-grade fillers. It’s not just panda cuisine, it’s a nutrient rich boon for us humans too. 

Our Ultra Magnesium formula includes organic bamboo stem and leaf as a natural, non-GMO alternative to synthetic magnesium stearate. It gets the job done and meets our criteria for safe, effective, and sustainable.

Why bamboo?

Because it’s packed with natural nutrients that don’t interfere with the potency of our magnesium supplement and have been well-studied as safe for consumption. Organic bamboo extract has high antioxidant levels that can combat free radicals and protects cells from damage. In fact, organic bamboo extract has been correlated with various wellness benefits, including hair, nail, skin, bone, and joint health.

Bamboo grows in an abundance, is clean to process, requires no nasty pesticides, and is 100 percent biodegradable.

So, yes, there is bamboo in our magnesium. We could choose a cheaper, lower-grade filler. We don’t because we prefer natural and we think you do too.


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