Ultra Anti-Oxidant


Support your liver.


Pure Essentials Ultra Anti-Oxidant is formulated to protect the liver from urban living, as well as support its myriad functions. A strong, healthy liver can prevent everything from fatigue and chronic allergies to pressure headaches and skin problems.

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The Pure Essentials Ultra Anti-Oxidant unique formulation includes the following features:

• Five carotenoids, each with a distinct benefit for the liver.

• Silymarin (milk thistle), in a full, 200mg dose and high-purity, bioactive (88.5%+) form, to protect the liver.

• Vitamin E in mixed, natural forms and coenzyme Q10 to stimulate energy production and cell renewal, while protecting cells from free radical damage.

• L-methionine and 99%-reduced glutathione, two potent, natural detoxifiers.

• A vegetarian, hypoallergenic formula. There are no contaminants, such as fillers, binders, or excipients.

• Synergism between the included nutritives, which further augments their benefits.



As a dietary supplement, take one (1) to two (2) capsules with meals daily, or as directed by your health professional."


Valenzuela A, Aspillaga M, et al. Selectivity of silymarin on the increase of the glutathione content in different tissues of the rat. Planta Med. 1989;55:42.
Ingredient Highlights


Silymarin, a key compound in milk thistle, demonstrates powerful antioxidant activity. It effectively neutralizes free radicals before they can harm healthy cells.

Silymarin has also been shown to increase levels of glutathione—an important antioxidant—by as much as 50%.

One of the most well-known plants that support the liver is milk thistle (Silybum marianum), whose seeds are a great source of flavonoids like silymarin. In addition to centuries of traditional use that support the hepatoprotective effects of silymarin, more than 200 studies and reports on milk thistle involving over 5,000 patients have been published on the subject, as well. This research shows that certain compounds in milk thistle specifically help protect the liver from the damage of alcohol and hepatitis.

Germany’s equivalent to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)—the Commission E—approves milk thistle as supportive treatment for cirrhosis and chronic inflammatory liver conditions.