Ultra GI Support
Ultra GI Support

Ultra GI Support

Stabilize Gut Health With Prebiotic Dietary Fiber
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  • Improves blood cholesterol levels naturally.
  • Improves mental clarity; reduces brain fog.
  • Enhances healthy, optimal 12-18 hour transit time.
  • Promotes healthy digestion and digestive protection due to unique, high lignan content, 80% soluble; 20% insoluble fiber.

Contains no sugars or flavors, making it easy to mix in different kinds of foods or taken by itself.

Includes a gentle-on-your-stomach prebiotic and natural fruit fibers. Also offers a natural emulsifier, and stool stabilizer. Ingredients include no irritating fibers like psyllium,or senna.

Provides the ideal 80-20% split between soluble and insoluble fiber, which promotes regularity, good flora, better glycemic control and a healthy 12-18 hour transit time.

1 scoop per day, or as recommended by your health care professional.

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