Full-Body Detox System


By following this Full-Body Detox System you’re supporting your body and promoting self-healing. In any healing phase, whether a broken leg or a broken heart, you have to put yourself first.  In the first few days it is not unheard of to have a headache or feel tired. Your body is working hard to eliminate a backlog of junk. Honor your body - give yourself permission to rest and nourish your system with nutrient dense, enzyme rich, whole, organic foods. 

Included System Products:

PE #1 

Offer exclusive and complete Phase I and II detoxification support*

  • Sulfur -rich  amino acids remove toxic metals like lead, mercury and cadmium minerals, solvents like benzene and hormone disrupting biocides.*
  • Lipotropic factors work to protect cellular machinery and improve cell to cell communication.*

    Ultra Anti-Oxidant 60ct

    Contains nutrients like carotenoids, milk thistle, and other powerful antioxidants.

    • Reduces environmental burden on the body through detox*
    • Repairs, restores, rehabilitates, and protects the liver from harsh chemical exposures*

    Ultra Omega Plus 

    Contains active Omega 3 essential fats processed with a nitrogen-protected distillation procedure.

    • Helps essential nutrient uptake*
    • Removes fat soluble toxins*
    • Restores cell membrane flexibility*

    C Buffered 

    Fully reduced, fully buffered 100% L-ascorbate

    • Mobilizes and removes harmful toxins from your body*
    • Repairs and supports the immune system*
    • Improves brain function*
    • Restores hormonal balance*
    • Provides powerful antioxidant support and protection*

    *Suggested use for Detox System: Individualized based on C-Calibration.

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