C Buffered 1,000 (250 Tabs)


Your body will love our unique, triple re-crystallized Vitamin C that supports immune function and so much more.

Pure Essentials Buffered C offers the most powerful source of vitamin C available, as a pH-balanced, vegetarian, allergen-free, and completely buffered mineral ascorbate.

Our unique formulation uses 100% l-ascorbate that is fully reduced and corn free, so the supplement works more quickly and persistently in the body.

The additional co-factors, metabolites, and transporters in this formulation powerfully enhance absorption and tissue action.

Produced with an exclusive, triple re-crystallization process, this innovative technique creates a product with unprecedented purity and bioactivity

Best of all? Our formulation is free of the side effects associated with other vitamin C supplements.

Blood Pressure Reduction
Obesity, alcohol consumption, physical inactivity, and a high-fat/protein/sugar diet can induce high blood pressure, in part through insulin resistance (Syndrome X).

Increases nitrous oxide (nature’s small vessel relaxation molecule) levels, thus lowering blood pressure via enhanced biopterin action.

Reduced Risk of Artherosclerosis
Lower your coronary and stroke risk with the improved antioxidant, vessel health, and toxin reduction actions of Pure Essentials Buffered C. Furthermore, homocysteine levels and risk are reduced; and aging is slowed by reduced free radical damage.

Removal of Unwanted Metals and Minerals

Promotes the removal of lead. Also lowers the body’s burden of toxic minerals such as lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, and nickel. This action occurs both by decreasing uptake of toxic minerals from the intestine and by increasing renal and stool excretion of toxic minerals.

  • Benefits
  • Nutrients
  • Dosage


• Supports immune system function

• Supports collagen and repair formation

• Provides antioxidant support and protection

• Detoxifies the body's burden of toxic minerals

• Powder form is recommended for C Cleanse/Calibration



1 tablet daily or as recommended by your health care professional

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

Your Vitamin C really helps support my immune system! Thank you!

Preventing sickness proactively

First time user of these supplements & I have to say... WOW!

Felt a cold coming on and took the some of these vitamin C supplements and the drawn out process of feeling a cold coming, getting it, then healing was shortened at step 1.

I didn't even know they can work so quickly. At this point these are a necessity before stepping foot in the MTA.

Great Buffered Vitamin C

Our family has been using this product for years and we love it. We use the tablets when we travel and the powdered form when we are home. We take it with Quercetin and have not had a cold or a virus in years. Best vitamin c on the market. Recommend!

Staying healthy

I’ve been using Buffered C for years and will continue to. Such a great tool in staying healthy for so many reasons. Highly recommend.

Moshe Katz

C Buffered 1,000 (250 Tabs)