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Thank you for attending the Unravelling Menopause session. Pure Essentials is setting a new standard for ingredient quality & transparency in nutritional supplements. Please enjoy the promotional offers below as an introduction to our mission and science-driven formulas.

Melissa Crispell
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Save 25% off our Buffered Vitamin C Powder or Capsules, Pure Zen, Ultra Anti-Oxidant, Carb & Gluten Assist, and our Ultra Magnesium formula. Offer valid 10/4 to 10/11/23.
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Learn your dispositions based on 180+ genetic markers. Take $50 off our comprehensive genetic test kit: DNA Essentials Plus: Nutrition + Metabolism + Fitness. Over valid 10/4 to 10/11/23.

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DNA Essentials Plus: Nutrition + Metabolism + Fitness

Comprehensive at-home test evaluates your unique, genetically-determined dietary needs, metabolism, and overall health tendencies or risks based on your DNA.

Personalized reporting on more than 180 important genetic variants with easy-to-follow, expert-designed recommendations to optimize your diet and nutrition.

HIPAA compliant & secure data. All information is encrypted and available only to you.