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Muscle Pack

Muscle Pack

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The human body is the most dynamic system ever created. The MUSCLE PACK powers its movements, facilitates its pump and feeds its furnaces. Recent research demonstrates that muscle does much more than propel us forward: it acts an endocrine organ that secretes hormones and serves as an integral part of metabolism.

Seeking a way to change your outlook, increase your energy and shift your appearance? Efficiently accomplish these goals by starting with your muscle. Packed with what’s necessary to spark the main energy-producing cycles in the body, the No. 1 Amino Acid Complex supplies the requisite parts while the Metabolizer Energizer brings the fuel (along with an L-carnitine shuttle to get it there). Included here is DHEA and CoQ10 to push the process along while Pure Essentials’ Glycemic Control sensitizes muscle to sugar through Chromium picolinate, Vanadium Ascorbate and Chaste Tree Berry.  



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