#2 (Multivitamin)


Supports healthy nutrition and protects the body from the harmful effects of toxins.

Pure Essentials 2 is a unique and comprehensive 40-nutrient, multi-vitamin and mineral formula designed to protect your heart, body and brain.


  • Super potency B complex plus (14 vitamins)
  • Minerals (10 fully available elemental forms)
  • Mixed forms of vitamins E, selenomethionine, and tocotrienols
  • Cell alkalinizers and energizers (16 for complete effect)

Purity without oxidants

The Pure Essentials 2 formulation is full of nutrients in their purer and more active forms. Equally important is what is not in the mix, including oxidants (e.g. iron, copper) that compete with and degrade antioxidants when they are combined and stored together in a bottle. For copper and other bone/body-building minerals, it is recommended to take Pure Essentials Ultra Bone: Extra Protection.

  • Benefits
  • Nutrients
  • Dosage


• Protects cardiovascular system through Vitamin E and tocotrienols

• Energizes and alkalinizes the cells through Kreb salts

• Enhances and protects the immune system

• 40 essential nutrients provide 4 products in I to protect heart, body, and brain



As a dietary supplement, take with meals and according to the following table, or as directed by your health professional.                                                        
(Best if taken with meals)
Low stress, healthy1-2 tabsules/day
Moderate stress, unwell 3-4 tabsules/day
High stress, training  5-6 tabsules/day

Customer Reviews

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30 turning 15 again

Despite the size ( I just sliced them in half tbh), within 3 days of taking these multivitamins, I was waking up with so much energy that I cooked breakfast & lunch, and some how squeezed in a workout before heading to work. Without dreading it or feeling like I needed coffee prior to.

It's like when you wake up hype during those H.S days cause you knew your crush was going to be in your first period class and you're just ready to run to school.

Elizabeth Perlaza

This multivitamins are the best!!

Robert Borowski

Multivitamin #2

Yvonne Wilburne

if you had too much to drink

no side effects next day

Claudia Atkinson

I still have not received my order. I am still waiting.