Ultra Bone Repair


Now you can finally ditch the NSAIDs.

Pure Essentials Ultra Bone Repair also provides a unique combination of other nutrients for joint health:

• Soluble, solvent-free OPC flavanols for collagen formation reinforces joint health.

• Cellular detoxifier and cartilage repair mineral, Molybdenum, also helps repair by clearing the body of sulfitic and related toxic metabolites that interfere with repair and contribute to pain and fatigue.

• Better results are due to purer ingredients and lack of contaminants, such as fillers, binders, or excipients that interfere with its uptake and action in the body.

Glucosamine Sulfate
Actually reduces osteoarthritis of the knee according to a randomized, placebo-controlled Belgian study appearing in Lancet, January 2001. The 212 study participants, all diagnosed with osteoarthritis, receiving either 1,500 mg. of glucosamine sulfate a day or placebo, were scanned at the beginning of the trial and again at one and three years.

Glucosamine sulfate also outperformed NSAIDS in studies comparing their impact on joint function. Head-to-head against Ibuprofen, after two weeks of treatment, GS not only showed more improvement of symptoms but also was significantly better tolerated.

Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins (OPC)
These are flavanols that are soluble and solvent-free, reinforce collagen formation, and promote joint health.

  • Benefits
  • Nutrients
  • Dosage


• Enhances repair and joint tissue renewal

• Reduces pain and chronic inflammation

• Increases/enhances mobility



Pure Essentials Ultra Bone Repair is available in bottles of 90 or 180 capsules. For relief of osteoarthritis, sports injuries to joints, and chronic inflammatory joint pain, take three (3) capsules twice daily until comfort is fully restored then three (3) capsules daily for maintenance, or as directed by your health professional.

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Tracey Laiken

Been taking these vitamins for many years and they help me.


I usually take ultra bone repair but I guess this I th same..Hope it helps my joints!

Yvonne Wilburne

Joint Repair

Katharine Burns
Provides me a healthy body !

Have been on them for years and attribute my healthy body to them!!!